The whole team would like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated items for us to take out to Uganda for the children and staff at Kitega.

Firstly we have had a massive donation of football strips, shorts, jackets, football boots and socks, trainers, football bags and so much more – we have been overwhelmed by the generosity!  We would like to send thank you’s to Andy Still, Geoff Fisher, Allan Brown and all the parents of the Caledonian boys club 06 team. Also a big thanks to Kelly’s brother, David Storrie, for donating his treasured Rangers strips and to her neighbour, Andrew Hamilton, for helping to gather all the donations for such a great cause. We are sure the kids will love everything and will post pictures for you to see them styling their new clothes.

Secondly a big thank you goes to Wilko and Sainsburys for kindly donating craft items for us to take to Uganda. The children are going to absolutely love this (as are the team), we can’t thank you enough.


Lastly another thank you for Steve Brown who has donated a framed McCoo print for us to take and present to Kitega. You can’t get anything more Scottish than a Mcoo!!



Thank you again to everyone, we are sure Kitega will love all these gifts!


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