Meet the Team

We would love everyone to get to know the team members heading out to Uganda, here is a profile of us all.

It is only 1 week before we leave!!

Hannah Anderson is leaving today (7th of July) and she is going to be staying at the Kitega Centre for 1 month, she is going to be helping out in the school as she recently graduated with primary teaching qualifications. She is really interested in seeing how this school differs form additional support needs schools in the UK.


John Hunter – “It was brillant meeting Daudi last year & hearing all about the Kitega Community Centre from him and Linda. I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can get involved when we are in Uganda and also how we might be able to support the work in the future.” 



Linda Hopper  – “ I love it when Daudi ‘Welcomes me home’ when I arrive at Kitega. It will be so good to see all the children again.”




Lynne Shields – “After months of planning and preparing with our great team and supporters, it’s now time to go and meet some amazing people in Uganda – can’t wait! God Bless us all.”




Alison Keenan – “So excited to be going to Uganda and seeing how God will use the team and what he will teach us.”




Wilma Shapiro – “I can hardly believe I’m actually getting to do this! So looking forward to meeting the staff and pupils.”




Hannah Anderson – “I’m excited to meet new people, experience a new culture and seeing  what God is doing at Kitega.”




Naomi Hunter – “I can’t wait to get involved in the Ugandan lifestyle and met and be touched by the people who live at Kitega. Visiting the tearfund project areas will be eyeopening and I’m especially excited to see the Ugandan dancing!!”




Kelly Storrie – “It’s amazing to be loved! I was given a chance when I was a child, and if I didn’t have the love I received I would not be going on this trip! These kids and adults we will come across in Uganda deserve to be loved and have love and kindness given to them so much! I cannot wait to interact with everyone and enjoy this huge adventure, and pray that God will lead us all in the right areas of work over there”




Sarah Hunter – “I am really inspired by the work at Kitega for everyone to know that they are special, loved and valued and for the whole community to reach its full potential.”





Katie Keenan – “Really looking forward to working with the kids at the Kitega Centre.”





Sarah Anderson – “I’m excited to be immersed in a new culture and learn so much from the children and the team. This type of experience can change your life if you let it.”



Ian photo

     Ian Gall – “Looking forward to meeting the Kitega kids and team.  We have a lot to learn from them.  Excited to see how the Lord will challenge us and send us home exhausted yet renewed!”



Emma photo

Emma Gall –  “Looking forward to working with the kids at Kitega, meeting the staff, trying some Ugandan food, having new experiences and worshipping God Ugandan style!!”




Beth Murdoch – “I’m so excited for this opportunity! I can’t wait for us to grow as a group and see God at work in people’s lives and how they depend on him, as well as getting my feathers ruffled along the way! Thank you so much for all the prayer and support.”





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