Day 1

Date: 15th July


We have all successfully arrived at Entebbe Airport, Uganda, after 13 hours of flying. We are now all waiting in line for our Visa’s to be checked, then we’ll pick up our luggage and be transported via minibuses to the Kitega centre.

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts, we feel so blessed to be here.



After a 2 hour journey through Uganda in a minibus filled with 26 suitcases and 18 people we had a massive warm welcome at Kitega from the VICOBA community’s groups (who had been meeting at the centre for the past 3 days). We were all absolutely overwhelmed by their happiness and enthusiasm to meet us, the atmosphere was buzzing as we all danced the night away.

After a delicious dinner we have all settled into the accommodation and cannot wait for a long relaxing sleep.

Safe to say this will be a journey of a lifetime.




6 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Answered prayer already. Safe travel for the last leg of a very long, and tiring journey.


  2. Wonderful news. You are all blessed to be a blessing to others. God is with you.


  3. Happy to hear you’ve arrived safely… 😀👍


  4. Great team photo as you set off from church ! I imagine there may be a few shadows under the eyes by the time you reach you destination! ?? Safe journey x Jean


  5. So thankful you all had a safe journey. Heard the welcome was incredible, looking forward to the pictures. Have an amazing time.


  6. Have you found a present for me yet 😂😂 xx


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