Day 2

1A950BE3-D88E-4989-B12E-CA7340F0A8BDMonday 16th July

After a well rested morning we had a briefing of activities for the day followed by a tour of Kitega centre by Daudi Clemy – it was great to see the work that has been completed over the past 8 years and what they plan to build in the future.

In the afternoon we had a formal introduction from the children who attend the Kitega centre, they sang and danced for us while we clapped along. They used music to introduce themselves and showed how happy they were for our visit. The Scots however introduced themselves without music….but managed to sing a few verses of  ‘Flower of Scotland’ to show them our national song, which they seemed to enjoy. We also gifted a picture that the children of Riverside Church had drawn of themselves – Kitega were pleased to see it and thank you all!

After this we taught the children and staff how to play a game of rounders, it’s fair to say some rules were added and some were forgotten about.

A quote one of the teacher said today was ‘disability does not mean inability’.

We then walked to Lugzai (the nearest town) to explore around and buy some paint for the wall we are going to start decorating tomorrow.






3 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Great update guys. Photo’s would make it even better.


  2. Amazing! Sounds like you are integrating incredibly well with the staff and pupils of Kitega. You are such a caring group. God will use you in wonderful ways. Sounds as if you are being blessed too. So good to hear about your journey of adventure


  3. Dorothy Storrie Aug 1, 2018 — 10:45 am

    What a lovely picture for Kitega Centre from the Riverside Chikdren. 👍


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