Day 3

Tuesday 17th July

We started off the day with a PE class with the children at Kitega. Firstly we played a name calling catch the ball to try and remember each other and then we split into groups to teach and play bowls, volleyball, skipping and using stretch bands. Everyone was so encouraging of one another and it was such a rewarding morning. We have also started up a points board so we can keep track of how each group is doing in PE.

In the afternoon half of the group travelled to Mukono (30 mins drive away) to visit a  VICOBA group. We had a guided tour of their community meeting the locals and seeing their crops: maize, sugar cane, banana trees, coffee beans, vanilla pods, mango trees, jack fruit trees, papaya trees, avocado, pineapple and so much more. We also saw their livestock: lots of chickens (very free range!!), cows, pigs, goats and dogs.

We then met the rest of the VICOBA group’s members at one of their houses, had a bite to eat (of the food we had just harvested) while introducing each other and then enjoyed a formal ‘Question and Answer’ session with the members – they asked us advice about their animals, their health problems, their business and some pastoral questions. They find difficulty in selling their maize as it is a very common crop in their area and they get very little money for it, we prayed for them about this issue. Finally they sang some songs for us and we had a small talk from Ian to encourage their work and worshipped God for all his help and guidance for the future.

The rest of the group who stayed at Kitega watched the children in a class outside where they were learning to weave and use the sewing machines to make patterns for clothes. We were so amazed at how skilled the children were and the happiness between them as they did this. The children always want to interact with everyone, and today wanted to make jigsaws and the speed of them putting it together was unreal. The children are so clever in so many different ways. We then played ball games or a simple game of tig which had the children literally rolling about the ground laughing. Some of the children played with sensory objects which they absolutely loved. One young child spent half of the afternoon lying playing on a bit of cardboard quite content, which just shows how simply happy and content they are.They are all so full of mischief and have fun with each other, but one thing that has been noticed is that they are a family and look out for each other. It was a great afternoon having fun with the children

Linda held a counselling reunion where she met people she had trained in the past to see how they had used their knowledge as well as any new difficulties that had arisen. They then discussed the solutions to these problems and she hopes more  people get involved with the counselling in the future.

Lynne has been communicating with Kennedy (the only OT at Kitgea) for the past few months and they met today to discuss how they could work jointly with the more serve/profound children at Kitega. Particularly looking at the initial assessments involving their physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural needs. We have also planned to carry out some home visits in the next week to assess and treat some children with cerebral palsy. We are planning to provide a particularly disabled boy with a suitable wheelchair and ongoing guidance on how the parents can work with the child to keep his limbs mobile. A new aim we are planning to introduce involves us meeting with Edith and Millie (Kitega school teachers) to appropriately assess and treat the severe/profound children at Kitega, which is something that needs to be established. This involves sensory training and cognitive assessments which are essential, this task may prove to be difficult but the women are willing. Lynne subsequently provided Kennedy with pertinent physical and cognitive programmes for future references.



6 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. This is so encouraging. What a day and what an impact you are having already. May God continue to bless you as you serve Him.


    1. Sounds like a very productive day and it’s wonderful the way you have integrated with the community so quickly. Great to hear about the simple games ( like tig ) and the joy the children and ‘ big kids ‘ had from it. Will pray about the maize situation. God bless you all.


  2. It’s great to hear about your experiences. With so much happening it already sounds like you’re stepping into the life of Kitega and the community there. God Bless!


  3. Loads of good things happening already.. loving hearing what’s going on there… your doing an amazing job in your contribution to the centre, and you’re being blessed by the love these children/adults show you . Xx


    1. Hi everyone.
      Hope you are all well and having really great experience in Uganda . Praying that you all know our gracious Gods blessing as you share your lives and as your own hearts are opened by the smiles and joy of everyone enjoying your visit.


  4. Frances Burns Jul 18, 2018 — 2:48 pm

    Really enjoying reading of your interaction with the children, who sound so positive and happy. Trust God will aid you with solutions to some of the more practical problems they encounter. God bless you all. x


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