Day 4

Wednesday 18th July

Today was another busy day which, like most days so far, was thought provoking for all. We began the day by doing PE with the kids from Kitega Centre. It’s crazy how only a few days into our visit, and with a large language barrier, we already feel so close to these children and their personalities and positive energy shines through. We played 4 mini games in our teams and then finished with a big game of volley ball with massive inflatable footballs. Everyone got involved ( even Ian!) and it proved a success.

Later we visited Katungulu School. The children seemed overjoyed to have visitors and performed some wonderful songs to us which we now annoyingly have stuck in our heads. We performed Ally Bally Bee back which was not quite to the same standard but the children enjoyed our modelling of the Hey Jimmy hats. We then split into groups and led different classes. The classrooms were basic. One room was separated by bamboo into several partitions, with different classes in each. It is safe to say it was not the best working environment for the children to learn to the best of the ability and it makes you realise how good the standard of education is in the UK. We take our easy access to good education for granted, something these hopeful young children would love to have.

After our touching visit to the school we went into the village of Katungulu. A few people went for a long drop ( if you want the details, ask them when they return!) and then we met a Vicoba community. The hospitality from each individual we’ve met so far is amazing, and this group were no exception. We were presented with amazing food, and then heard some stories of what Vicoba has done for each individual. It is clear Vicoba has made significant impact on each person’s life, with some being able to learn to read and write through the project. We then split into groups and were shown many different Vicoba projects in different households in Katulungu. These people have been able to have their own pigs, chicken and crops through this project which has allowed some of them to even put their children through education. Each individual has a story to tell about their positive experience with Vicoba and we are lucky enough to have had the experience to hear some of them. The positivity within these communities and the sense of teamwork is inspiring, with many having bigger goals and dreams within their community.


7 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Loving the daily updates making your amazing experiences come alive for us back home. I can just imagine you all playing with the children but cannot imagine Ian Gall playing rounders. Praying that is trip will be life changing for you all. God bless xxx


  2. Thanks again for the details from your day. You are all such an inspiration to us here. May the Lord continue to use you in extraordinary ways.


  3. Loved the pics on f/b Joy Joy Joy priceless xx


  4. It’s great hearing about your experiences. We have come up with quite a few explanations for “ the long drop” ?!? Keep the daily updates coming.


  5. You are in my prayers and thoughts constantly, may God continue to bless you and change you as you serve Him


  6. I think you’re lives are being touched as you receive as much as you give! ☺


  7. David Clipston Jul 19, 2018 — 2:34 pm

    Thank You for the updates, great work whomever’s updating the Blog. Praying that you continue to be blessed as you bless others. Hope you all got a wash finally, and Happy Birthday to Beth for today!


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