Day 5

Thursday the 19th of July

Wow, we thought yesterday was amazing and that it couldn’t better….we were wrong – it can! We started the day off again with our morning workout – the PE class at Kitega School. Today we played classic school races including sprinting, the 3 legged race and the egg and spoon race. Everyone got thoroughly involved as usual and their competitive natures began to shine through. We ended again with a game of boys v girls inflatable football volleyball (only pictures will explain) and of course the girls won….let’s not comment on the numbers of players in each team!

Half of the group travelled to Kasokoso to get involved and understand their ‘church and community mobilisation’ (CCM) projects, which have  been set up through the Kitega Centre. These started to aim to help the people of the communities, through the church, to make better use of the land and facilities they have. The people explained to us that before CCM they had very little and a plot of land with nothing growing, however now they are growing crops, have animals, have new friends and a lot more community spirit. They are so overjoyed and proud of what they have achieved and it’s so important to them that they now always have food on the table everyday. Another aspect of CCM is ‘Functional Adult Literacy’ (FAL), these are classes for adults to learn valuable information e.g. animal husbandry, how to read and write, agriculture and for some learning a new language. The attendees explained how grateful they are to go to these classes, held at the church, as they never thought as an adult they would have this type of opportunity – it has seriously turned their life around. We listened to their stories in a church that was only 6 months old but when they all started singing the atmosphere was through the roof, happiness and joy gleamed off their faces – it was such an amazing experience. They are so thankful to God for answering their prayers!

Wilma and Linda visited ‘Sunlight Primary School’ this afternoon.  On their journey towards they school, carrying football strips and boots to donate, the head teacher approached them and they told her what they had brought. She was so delighted she covered her face with tears of joy, she explained that she was worrying about finding money to pay for strips for the school’s football team. At the school all the children rushed to see them and after announcing what they had brought, the whole place erupted. The children threw their arms in the air and shouted in excitement. There was too much noise to even explain they had brought boots too.  It was incredible! The children insisted that they wanted to put the strips on straight away and so they went to the field for photographs. As they were heading over, Edith (a member of staff at Kitega) took Kelly (who had collected the donated football strips) to see the football team wearing their new clothes. She was so overwhelmed to see their gleaming faces in their new matching kit and is also so thankful for everyone back in Scotland who donated them. The coach was also very excited with his ‘coach strip’ and explained that now the school would be able to enter competitions as bare feet had been banned, the children had never had trainers or boots. They now have everything that they needed. The school has now also agreed to accept 2 children from Kitega Centre School to train with them for PE, this is great for the children with so much athletic potential.  The whole community has already heard about the football team’s great news and can’t wait to support them in their new adventures.

Linda also visited ‘Katungula School’ to carry a counselling training session for staff, one member of the group was a passionate young man and wanted to give his all and extra to the children. He was so enthusiastic to learn more and his commitment to the school shows his sacrificial attitude.

The other half of the team stayed at the Kitega Centre and got involved with the kid’s school life. They played ball games and loved speaking to the children and learning more about them. One of the kids taught them sign language which is awesome as we are learning so much from them. It was heart warming to see how the children interact with one another and they really do care about their classmates. From a small high five to comforting them when they are upset, they are always there for one another – this really shows how special they are.

Before the Kitega kids left school we all got involved in a secret surprise 18th birthday party for Beth Murdoch!! Everyone was so excited and the kids got involved to organise the balloons -there was also cake, drinks, party music and decorations. We all gave Beth a massive surprise, sang happy birthday (about 10 times with a different backing track) and danced the night away Ugandan style! Beth was so overwhelmed by her surprise and couldn’t thank us enough. She had actually spent most of her birthday designing and painting the wall in the playground which is looking fantastic already, we can’t wait to show you the final design. We all hope Beth had an amazing birthday here in Uganda – it’ll be one to remember forever!


9 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. It is so amazing reading all that is going on over there! It’s great to hear how involved you all are and getting a sense of how you’re all being used to God!
    Happy 18th Beth!


  2. A busy day indeed for everyone.. Happy Birthday to Beth 🎉🎉 Everyone looked great in the football strips/boots etc. So happy for these wee guys and opportunities they have ahead to play competative footie, things we take for granted here, I’m sure all those who donated them will be well pleased to see the pics of these happy faces. Clearly these children there are naking as big an impact in your lives as you are in theirs.


  3. It’s great to hear all these amazing experiences. Some real emotional moments as well which will stay with you! HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY Beth!🎂


  4. Hazel Murdoch Jul 19, 2018 — 9:14 pm

    Sounds like another great day. Beth, hopefully you will remember this birthday for a long time to come! Thank you all for making her birthday so special.


  5. Fantastic. Happy birthday Beth


  6. Frances Burns Jul 20, 2018 — 9:58 am

    Happy birthday Beth. What an awesome way to spend a birthday. Looking forward to seeing your artwork. The children sound just wonderful, hope the football team do well in their new kit, they certainly look the part.


  7. It’s amazing to hear all that’s taking place over there. The Vicoba community work sounds amazing and all your team involvement at Kitega is I’m sure worthwhile. Hope the energy and stamina levels are holding up! Beth I think you’ll find this birthday will be unforgettable! Happy 18th!
    (I hope this comment makes it on, so far the previous days I’ve tried from my phone it’s not worked!)


  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Beth. What a way to spend your 18th ! Sounds like everyone is having an absolutely wonderful time and our God is awesome and full of surprises.


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