Day 11

Wednesday 25th July

The day started off with a morning staff meeting. We worshiped, prayed and shared testimonies together and John shared a message about God having a plan for us which was very encouraging. We then went on to our PE classes with the Kitega children – we taught them a new game called ‘toilet tig’ which was difficult to explain as they only have long drops in Uganda! It still amazes us all how much love and joy these children share with us and one other – we can’t describe it enough!

We then travelled to Katungulu Primary school to drop off some of the donated stationary and teach some classes. Alison went through each class teaching the hand wash routine and the rest of us taught some crafts, bracelet making, drawings, maths and so much more. Kelly also donated more football clothes to the boys’ football team, the whole school was ecstatic  about the news and showed much appreciation.

The wheelchair finally arrived for Jonah along with the wheelchair technician Ben. Lynne, Ricky and Ben  visited the child’s family to fit the wheelchair which ended in great success. We also ordered chair adaptations to take for Joel, who is a profoundly disabled child, again this was successful. All families were delighted with the provision of the  required mobility aid for their children.

Linda met with the parents of the children here at Kitega to discuss any problems or needs they have. The 2 points which were priorities for the parents were the possibility of a vehicle to collect the children for school and take them home and that the fathers needed counselling because they treat the children who come to Kitega differently from the rest of their kids at home. There were only 3 fathers who attended and they all agreed that the men need help understating disability – one of the ways to access counselling would be through VICOBA.

In the evening the youth VICOBA had a volleyball match and they asked Riverside to join them. It was interesting! Ian, Sarah, Beth and Naomi all joined in while the rest spectated. We pleaded for mixed teams as we knew we would get thrashed – we all enjoyed it and definitely improved during the matches. Our wrists are now covered in bruises!!


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