Day 12

Thursday 26th July

Our last full day in Uganda, everyone is still in high spirits but the thought of heading home is glooming.

We played our final team races with the kids in the morning, we could really see their competitive natures today and eager eyes wanting to win. Throughout the 2 weeks we had a points chart for each of the 4 teams and after daily PE classes we added their points on. After calculating the last of the points the yellow team finished on top and sang many glory songs ‘yellow number one!!’. Each group received a medal, a prize and some sweets for their enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The kids loved their new toys and spent hours blowing bubbles or using their new whistles – where some they managed to create a band! It was great to see the joy on their faces by something so simple as blowing bubbles and chasing after them, we take so much for granted at home.

We then let the children eat their breakfast porridge while we all caught our breaths after all the running about. Having porridge at school is a big thing in Uganda, it encourages kids to come to school as they know they will get feed but also allows children to concentrate and learn because without food this would be very difficult – ‘eating porridge fuels my knowledge’ as one kid said. We then continued the final touches to the wall, which is looking absolutely fantastic and a massive thank you goes to all those who helped out and especially to Beth for organising it all. All the Scots put a lot of effort into the wall but also kids and staff at Kitega played a part and even people from the local community would come along to get involved – it really was a team effort.

In the afternoon we taught the kids at Kitega how to make bracelets and put beads onto them and they taught us how they made their wool mats, which is a lot harder than it looks. They make these mats at the centre and then sell them in their shops or at the hut at Kitega to make some profit, we are going to bring some home for everyone to see.

We then had a cultural evening at Kitega which was enjoyable for everyone, this included the Scots, the Kitega children, sunlight primary school children and a local VICOBA group. The Scots taught the Ugandans how to ceilidh dance which everyone found amusing and then they taught us some of their native dances, I’m sure I saw John Hunter wiggling his bottom. The kids from sunlight sang and danced to a few songs and presented us with a gift which we were told has to be displayed in riverside church, we will show you it on Sunday! The VICOBA women sang to us and then they showed us their native dresses and how it has changed over time. The VICOBA president and committee also attended and gave a speech about their progress and things we should pray about, including the prices of maize and involving more villages in their project. The Kitega kids sang us a a farewell song which brought tears to everyone’s eye and then to lighten the mood we finished dancing the ‘funky chicken’ in our true Scottish style, which left everyone in stitches.

After a farewell was given by the staff at Kitega we were delighted to receive gifts from the centre as a thank you. The men were given fancy African shirts and the women received beautiful African dresses, all will be on display next Sunday. We were very surprised by their generosity and cannot thank them enough, they wanted us to have something to remember them all by. Even if we don’t see our physical gift from Kitega, everyone will have an amazing memory of the time we spent there and the loved shared by all.


1 thought on “Day 12

  1. Jeanette Fulton Jul 31, 2018 — 12:00 pm

    Thanks for the amazing blogs, well done!…….you must have struggled to find time in your busy programme to complete them but it made such a difference for those of us here to get a better picture of all you were doing.


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